About Us

Our Story

We first met on 7th May 2002 in England and, like all great partnerships, we have been inseparable ever since.

After a year in England, we decided to change the English countryside for the sea, sun and surrounding mountains of Barcelona. Within two years, we bought a piece of land on the outskirts of the city and began building what has become our home ever since.

In 2008 we consolidated our relationship by getting married, surrounded by our close families and friends. We still remember our wedding day as one of the greatest days of our lives. No-one will ever forget the arrival of our wedding cake, complete with two fireworks and the sound of The Final Countdown by Europe. The song will always have a special significance for us.

We became parents for the first time in June 2010 with the arrival of our first son, and he was the reason we began the quest to launch an English language school. By the end of that year we moved in to our "home sweet home" together with our 4-month-old baby, and just four months later we opened our first language centre in what was now our "home town".

In 2014 our second son was born, our "rainbow baby", and with him new projects parallel to the teaching of a foreign language began to take shape. We consolidated our own personalised methodology and course materials.

In 2018, a major health scare guided us towards our transition to the online environment, a world which has opened up a wealth of enriching possibilities for the future of our business.

Our Project

“Online Cognitive Learning” was born of our personal and professional experiences, as well as our academic profile. The determination to be better communicators and better professionals moved us to the cognitive field. Through the conscious knowledge of how our brain functions, we succeed in enhancing the holistic learning experience, helping each student to discover what they need during each step of the learning process. Helping a student to reach a specific target is our greatest skill.

Even though our beginnings were as a traditional English language academy, our project “Online Cognitive Learning” now has a more varied range of courses. We work in-depth on the written and oral communication in both English and Spanish from a practical and fun perspective.